Client Forms

Please download and complete our Estate Planning Client Information Worksheet in order to provide us with the necessary personal information for us to begin the process of establishing your Estate Plan.  This information will be used to help us determine your particular planning needs.

Please download and complete our Asset Funding Client Information Worksheet to provide us with your asset information to be used for trust funding purposes.  This information will be used to help us determine the best options for protecting your assets.

“At the center of our being there really are things we have a huge desire to do or accomplish.  We keep putting those things off because we live in a frenetic, busy world and tend to spend most of our time reacting to the demands of external influences, other people, financial problems, physical ailments, and so on…  Life’s real fulfillment comes when we honestly answer these questions: What really matters most to me?  What would I really like to accomplish?  What legacy would I like to leave behind?”
-Hyrum Smith


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