Many Americans have the distorted perception that estate planning is simply preparing for one’s death and is only necessary for the affluent. To the contrary, estate planning is as much about passing values to loved ones as it is about passing material possessions.
Thus it should come as no surprise that a February 16, 2012 Forbes article describes estate planning as “the most important love letters you’ll ever write,” encouraging readers to “find inspiration in knowing that you’re caring for the people and causes you love, even if you’re not here anymore.”
The Forbes article correctly concludes that estate planning is for every American (other than minors), and that everyone should successfully complete “thoughtfully prepared estate planning documents.” The complexity of those documents may change for more affluent Americans, but the need to care for loved ones and causes exists for everyone. And working with a qualified estate planner helps enlighten people as to all they can accomplish through the estate planning process.
The full article, titled The Most Important Love Letters You’ll Ever Write, is available online at:

The Wall Street Journal Complete Estate Planning Guidebook states:

• “Everybody needs to think about estate planning”;
• “The number one [estate planning] mistake is not doing anything at all”;
• “[T]he safest thing to do” is to see an estate planning lawyer rather than attempt do-it-yourself planning;
• People should review their estate plans “often – at least every three years.”
This is a simple yet straightforward article on the importance of estate planning for everyone – and on the need to review existing estate plans frequently.